Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time is never on my side. Tiny amigurumi peas to the rescue.

I am always running from one project to the next. When I am working, I feel guilty that I am not hanging out with the kids. When I am hanging out with the kids, I feel guilty that I am not washing dishes and folding laundry. And when I am doing housework, I feel guilty that I am not spending time with my husband or walking the dog. Sometimes I solve this by combining obligations. ("Come on kids, let's make dinner together!") But I can't exactly bring a basket of laundry to fold at work. And my husband is unlikely to think that "Let's dust the furniture!" would be a fun date.

A friend, who has two children, saw the pictures of the peas I made for my niece and asked for a two-pea version. I can't commit to such a big project right now, but I found some time (when my mind was engaged but my hands were idle) to make a bunch of little peas. Each tiny pea took about the same time to make as a double layered crochet flower. So if you know how long that takes you, these peas should take about the same amount of time.

My daughters snagged the first few peas and pods. I usually let them take the projects that they like--I figure that my kids come first. It is important for children to see people they love actually creating things. As opposed to just consuming things. And I can always make more. I used a scrap of polar fleece to make tiny pods for the peas. With very little time invested, I was able to make my kids (and my friend's kids too) these awesome little peas.

I used a size J hook and worsted weight cotton yarn, but I think you could make a very sweet little key chain if you use a smaller hook and sport weight yarn.

Chain 3. Slip stitch to join in ring.
Row 1: 6 sc into ring (6)
Row 2: 2 sc into first ch. Repeat around (12)
Row 3: *sc into first ch, 2sc into next ch* Repeat around. (18)
Rows 4-6: sc into each ch around (18)
Row 7: *sc into first ch, 1 invisible decrease into next two ch (front loops only)* Repeat around. (12)
Add eyes and mouth at this time.
Row 8: 3 invisible decrease. Stuff pea. 3 more invisible decrease. (6)
Continue to decrease until the hole is too small to work. Tie off. Weave in tail and pull closed.

Cut a rectangular piece of polar fleece that is 3 1/2" X 4 1/2".
Fold it in half lengthwise, or 'hot dog style' as my kids say. Sew the pod shut using a simple "7" shape on each side. (Mirror image '7' on the first side, regular '7' on the second.) Trim off corners. Flip the pod right side out. There is no need to sew the edges, because this is a quick and easy project. But a blanket stitch in a contrasting green would be pretty cute. You know, if you have extra time on your hands.

Uh-oh! There goes my timer. My youngest gave me ten minutes to finish this entry. Now we are going to go wash the dog...together. (Time with kiddo: Check! Wash the dog: Check!)


  1. These are incredibly adorable! I wish I could crochet!

  2. What a great blog. I think your peas are ace.

  3. This is actually motivating me to try to learn to crochet again! They are adorable!

  4. These are too cute! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!
    @Misty & @Virginia: Go ahead and give it a shot! There are such great tutorials on youtube these days. And you can replay them as many times as you need to!


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