Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mrs. Toasty--amigurumi buttered toast.

Isn't she cute? I have to admit that I haven't quite figured out which items can be labeled kawaii, but I think this one fits the bill.

This sweet little toast is so easy to put together that I made two in one evening. Or maybe I am starting to get a little faster at crochet, now that I have been doing it for six months. I made her from two different colors of wool yarn, with cotton cheeks and butter. I used an F hook because the wool seemed thin, but if you use worsted cotton, you might choose G. When making amigurumi, the gauge is not important. What is important is that the stitches be very tight so that the stuffing doesn't show. I have seen a lot of otherwise cute little amis that were done too loosely and their little bits of stuffing show through.

If you try this pattern, I'd love to hear about it. I would also be more than happy to answer any questions you might have if you get hung up in the process. (My email address is in the About Me section.)

Bread 1 (front):
Row 1: ch11. sc into second chain from hook. sc across. (10)
Row 2-10: ch 1, turn. sc across. (10)
Row 11: ch 1, turn. INC, INC, sc 6, INC, INC (14)
Row 12: ch 1, turn. INC, INC, sc 10, INC, INC (18)
Row 13: ch 1, turn. slst 4, sc 10, slst4 (18)
Row 14: ch 1, turn. slst 4. (Because you are putting these slip stitches into a previously slip stitched chain, it will appear that you have 2 chains to choose from. slst through the middle two strands.) sc 10, slst4 (through middle two strands.) (18)
Tie off, leaving short tail.
Round 1: Beginning at the approximate middle of the bottom, change colors and sc around the entire edge. (When you sc into the slst section at the top, use your discretion, hooking into the middle two strands.) join with slst.
Round 2: ch 2. dc into back loops only around. Tie off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Bread 2 (back):
Exactly the same as bread 1, but skip round 2 of the crust. Instead, tie off after round 1, leaving a short tail.

Row 1: ch 4. sc into second ch from hook. sc across (3)
Row 2-3: ch 1, turn. sc across. (3) Tie off, leaving a long tail for sewing to bread 1.

(Alternative, large butter: If you do not want to put an ami face on your stuffed toast, you may complete the butter in 4 rows of sc4. Then, sc around, ch2 at each corner.)

Cheeks (make two):
magic circle, ch2, however you start.
Round 1: sc6. slst. (6) Tie off, leaving long tail for sewing to bread 1.

Finishing (If you are like me, you might skip reading this part of the directions because it all seems so obvious, but please take a minute to at least look through them. I do recommend doing things in this order.):
1.) Position safety eyes onto front of bread 1. Attach.
2.) Sew on the cheeks, being careful to place them evenly and flush with the edge of the crust.
3.) Sew on the mouth.
3.) Sew butter on, taking a few extra stitches at the corner to emphasize the square shape.
4.) Beginning at the bottom of the toast, sew the two pieces of bread together. Tuck in the remaining tails from the butter, cheeks, and bread as you go. Sew through both loops on bread 1, and into the back loops only of bread 2. When you have about eight loops left, lightly stuff the toast.  Unlike most amigurumi, this one needs to be stuffed lightly. That way she can stay flattish. No one wants a toast with a tummy. Finish sewing. Weave in end.

This would be cute made with embroidered eyes and stuffed with catnip. Just saying.


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