Friday, October 7, 2011

Witch Box

As my oldest daughter celebrated her birthday by sitting down with her friends and painting canvases, I sat nearby to eavesdrop and paint this witch box. The box was a simple paper mache box from the craft store, on sale for $1.50. I used acrylic craft paint for the witch and the jack-o-lanterns circling the box. I found it ironic that I was painting paper mache with craft paint while the girls had nice artists' acrylic and gessoed canvas.

I gave my witch some cute high heeled shoes. I figured she might as well look good as she heads out into the night.

I packed the box with a bicornu pattern from etsy and all of the goodies needed to make it. This was a fun project and turned out, I think, almost as well as the Pokemon and kawaii paintings completed down at the other side of the table.

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