Monday, July 13, 2015

Meiphemera Abroad

My little crafting blog lasted only a few months--from the time my youngest began school until I went back to teaching full time. Since then, I have not had the time to devote to making projects, let alone maintaining a blog.

But--good news for the blog--I am unemployed again! More precisely, I am now a 'house wife' according to my Abu Dhabi visa. (I've always disliked that term--after all, I am married to my husband, not to the house.) Yes, the five of us sold most of our belongings except for what fit in a small storage unit. We each got to bring two suitcases filled with things that we think are important, and we have just arrived in what is, to us, a new world. So the crafting blog is going to get a resurrection, though in a slightly different incarnation.

My husband had to leave for his new job several weeks after accepting the offer, but the kids and I needed to finish the last two months of the school year. In early June, my dad arrived to help with the final packing and to help drive our van (and our dog, and our two suitcases each) across the United States so that my parents can take care of Max the Schnauzer while we are traveling.

We spent a couple of wonderful weeks visiting family, and then rushed off to join my husband in Abu Dhabi. I do not know exactly which direction the blog will now take--my sewing machine did not fit in my suitcase! I plan to share some of the details of our adventures here, and may also share more crafts if I get the opportunity to visit a craft store. (Do we have them here? I don't know yet!)

We found the beach...sort of. We can see it, but don't know how to get there.


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