Monday, January 24, 2011

Diapers for all...all little plastic people, that is.

I have an adorable little niece who carries her baby dolls around all day long. She loves to take their clothes off, but her little fingers aren't quite ready to put the clothes back on. And since she has a lot of aunts and uncles who encourage her baby habit by buying her more babies... Well, let's just say that is a lot of little bare plastic bums.
So when gift giving time rolled around again, her brilliant momma suggested that I make some diapers. I made some with Velcro and some with snaps so that those little fingers would get practice with both kinds of fasteners. I had a lot of fun sorting through my fabric stash for diaper fabrics, and several hours later I had ten diapers ready to be shipped off. (I almost didn't send the purple Tinkerbell diaper. Due to a miscalculation on my part she ended up upside down with her head twisted where no self-respecting fairy would want to be. I mean, we all know what diapers are used for, right?)
My sister reports that her girls had fun with the diapers and even tried to put them on each other and on their tiny baby sister. Nowadays the crowd of dolls are dressed, at least in diapers, most of the time. The new request is for girl-size diapers for dress up. I'm not sure if my sister was serious about that, though...


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