Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fabric Faux Postage

I recently participated in a swap where we were required to make four faux postage stamps to send to our partner. I made some self-adhesive stamps following the links provided by the host, but I also wanted to do something extra.

I came up with the idea to make iron-on fabric stamps.
It was my first time using Wonder-Under. I love it, but I think I ruined my ironing board cover! Make sure that you place an old scrap of fabric under your work to avoid the same fate.
Here's what I did.
Cut a small square of decorative fabric (about 4"x4") and a slightly smaller square of Wonder-Under or other paper backed fusible web. Following the directions that came with your web, attach it to the wrong side of the fabric square. Leaving the paper on the fabric, cut the fabric neatly into rectangles. I used a quilter's square and rotary cutter to cut mine to 1"x 2" and 1"x1 1/2".
Peel the paper backing off and fuse the rectangles to a piece of plain white fabric (damp cloth, high heat). Now fuse an appropriately sized square of web to the back of the white fabric. Leave the paper on and use decorative scissors to cut closely around the fabric rectangles. I used Fiskars paper scissors in a stamp pattern for this.
You are finished making your iron-on faux postage!
To attach to clothing or a backpack (or whatever), peel off the paper backing and place onto the item. Place a damp cloth over the stamps and fuse. If you place these onto an item of clothing or something else that will get a lot of use, you may choose to sew a quick zigzag stitch around the edges. Transparent nylon quilting thread is virtually invisible and would be a good choice.

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  1. Wow I need some. How fantastic are you. Lots of creativity. I love your blog. I think I am your biggest fan. *_*


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