Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iylie's Birthday Eggs

My youngest niece turned one recently and her mom asked me to make her some kind of balls. "She loves to play with balls, and throw them. And chew on them." So with those directions in mind I came up with the idea to make her a carton of eggs. I had a Simplicity pattern for felt food, so I used that. I also decided to personalize the carton by adding a 'label'. And of course I could not resist adding some faces to the eggs. (I know, safety eyes are a choking hazard for a girl who likes to chew on things. I gave her mom a heads up and the baby will only play with the eggs while supervised.)  Each egg roughly represents one of her cousins or sisters. On one egg I left out a panel to make it super skinny; another got gorgeous thick lips; a third is always sleeping. Of course, when I asked the kids which egg they thought was them, they ALL said that they were the vampire egg. Go figure. I guess kids are as suggestible to vampire mania as the slightly disturbing Twilight Moms. Or maybe the vampire egg is just the cutest of the bunch.

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