Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tea for Two...or Three.

I have been making tea wallets lately. Like the chapstick cozy in my last post, tea wallets use up small scraps from my crafty stash. Only in this case they use up fabric scraps instead of yarn. There are lots of different patterns online for tea wallets, but the one I used is here. I really think that this tutorial is the best one out there--the author has included lots of pictures and very clear instructions. I experimented with some different closures with these wallets. The first one I made had the ribbon closure as in the tutorial. That one was nice; I didn't take a picture before I gifted it. Then I decided to try using hair bands. You can see how that turned out in the picture of the bunny tea wallet. Finally, I tried creating a flap out of matching fabric and putting a button hole in it. In the end, I did not like any of the closures more than the others. I know that I will make more of these, as they are quick and easy to make, and are great gifts, but I will decide which closure to use based on the fabric and button I am using.


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