Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amigurumi Mouse

Mice are busy little creatures, always rushing from place to place, taking care of themselves. When I was sixteen, and in Germany, my host mother was angry with me. She told me, "Du kummerst dich immer." (Or something to the effect--all these years later, my German is worse than rusty.) I wasn't familiar with the verb, so I asked what kummern meant. And she explained that I was always going from place to place taking care of my business. Which, as an independent kid, I would have taken as a compliment if her tone didn't clearly indicate that it was NOT a good thing. She told me (complete with pantomime) I was like a little mouse, scurrying from place to place, getting things done and not asking for help.

I took it to heart, and for a while I tried to ask for help when I should.

As an adult, I know that I'm not always successful--I tend to assume people are too busy with their own lives to worry about mine, and so I just kummern mich and get what I want done, done. Or, sometimes, not done. I have had this conversation with a friend who is the same way. I've said, "But I want to do this favor for you--I know you need it." But for some of us, it is hard to admit when we need help. And to this day when I see a mouse, I am reminded to slow down.

Amigurumi Mouse Pattern:

ch3 join with slst. slst
Row 1: 6sc into center (6)
Row 2: sc, inc around (9)
Row 3: sc around (9)
Row 4: 2sc, inc around (12)
Row 5: sc around (12)
Row 6: 2sc, inc around (16)
Row 7: sc around (16)
Row 8: sc *2sc, inc* around (21)
Row 9-11: sc around (21)
Add eyes.
Row 12-end: 4sc, invisible dec-->around until closed. (Stuff mouse before closing completely.) Do not tie off. Continue by making tail.
Tail: ch 17. sc into 2nd ch from hook. sc back to body. Tie off. Weave in ends.

Ears: Begin with ch3 join with slst
Row 1: 6sc into ring (6)
Row 2: inc around (12)
Row 3: sc, inc around (18)
Tie off, leaving a long tail. Fold ear in half, then sew onto stuffed mouse.

Whiskers: Use embroidery floss to sew on whiskers. (One strand of embroidery floss=6whiskers)

My son asked me for a grey mouse with no ears and no whiskers--it looks just like a tadpole!


  1. Love this little mouse. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Thank you so much for the free pattern. It seems everybody is charging for patterns now. I really appreciate this.
    Thanks again

  3. Thank you for this pattern!!!! I love it!


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